Sunday, February 03, 2008

Boo Memorial

Mom made this cute acrylic cat shaped album in memory of Boo. These are my favorite pictures of him. The pink tulips really stand out in contrast to his black fur. In one he looks like he is smelling the flowers. meow.. meow He was a good kitty and a good brother. I'm glad mom had this book to remember him. She has lots of pictures of all us kitties and maybe I will be able to coax her to post more of them on here.

This cat album has 5 pages, varying in size from 5x5 to 5x7 plus the back page which is the cat. She designed it herself and sells it in our store at

Here are more pages from the album:

There are other acrylic albums in the store also. If you are interested in showcasing your furry friend in one of their own albums, pounce on this link Shreddin' Paper and then click on Kitty Memoirs Collection.

Take lots of memorable pics of your fur babies. They are priceless. I love looking thru mom's stash on here, when she is not watching, of course. We go through them together too. Well she looks through them, I am just really wanting her attention and some belly rubs. And what better way then to lay right in front of the monitor and paw at her til she pays attention to me. Works every time ... purrrr.....


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