Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So Cute!!

Have I mentioned lately that I am just sooo darn cute!! Mom just thinks I am adorable and let's face it, I am!! meow... purrrrr

In these pictures I am sitting in the basket that Mom uses to transport things back and forth from the shop to home. She puts things in there that need to go home and then takes it home with us at night. Next morning she brings it back and anything that needed to come from home to the shop. She is a genius. If I sit in here she will never forget to take me home, not to mention the fact it is cozy.... purrrrrr
I have another basket here with a blanket in it in that is my bed. As you know, I prefer to sleep in front of the monitor -- easy access for tummy rubs.

This new basket has been so inviting that lately I have been sleeping there when Mom tells me she needs to get some work done and wants me to lay in my bed. My bed is on the floor and the new basket is on the counter, where I can see above everything, so as not to miss a thing. meow meow It has a birds eye view of outside too, so I can watch the birds and the squirrels. Of course, I would rather be outside chasing the squirrels but Mom doesn't like it when I run after them. Watching them will have to suffice, for now, and I will dream of their bushy little tushes when I snuggle down to dreamland in my newfound bed.


At 11:48 AM, Blogger jts said...

So VERY VERY cute!


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