Friday, October 07, 2005

Peace and Quiet Gone

My human sister is back home. She has been gone 4 months working in Alaska. She loves kitties too. She is always mauling me... meow. There is no peace now. If I am lying in her vacinity, she comes over and picks me up and smothers me with hugs and kisses. Now, being a cat, this outpour of affection will just not do. My fur is always ruffled from her tussling it... meow. Even my cry will not deter her, she just hugs tighter... merrrrrr..meowww.

Missy Girl runs when she sees "sister" coming. She has gotten to be such a tease, she will wait til "sister" is right next to her and bends down to pick her up, then runs off like a streak.... meow meow meow. It is sooo funny to watch. "Sister" gets so upset with Missy.

Gizzy, of course, loves the attention. When anyone walks in the room, he stands on his back haunches and lifts his paws high in the air, stretching, as if asking to be picked up. Everyone thinks this is adorable and can't resist holding him. He only tolerates being held for a few minutes though, then wants down.

Tiko and Boo are suck ups. They love "sister" and will rub against her legs and lay with her every chance they get. Tiko is her kitty so I guess that is why he tolerates her so much. He even gives her hugs, wrapping his paws around her neck, when she picks him up.

I on the other hand am true to my cat image and walk around ignoring her to the best of my ability and give her my best cry when she holds me, letting her know she will not win me over.... meerrroowwwww.....


At 1:50 PM, Blogger Lil Fernie said...

Hi there!
I'm also a kitty and just wanted to say "meow" to you.

Hope you have a great day filled with naps and warm laps!

At 11:15 PM, Blogger Suetv said...

Hi to Kodiak and Boo, your narrative and pictures are very nice. My person is writing this for me. She won't let me type very much. Says it gets my fluffy fur in the keyboard. (What a spoil sport!) So nice to meet you.
(oh yes, and my person - Sue C.)


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