Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mr Mom

Awww.. the babies. Right you are... meow... I had mentioned the babies in a previous post. So a little about them....

The babies, as they are referred to by Mom, came to live with us in October, last year, 2004. Someone just dropped them off on the porch and left them there... meow.. poor little things... meow. They were so small.. weighing only 4,5 and 6 ounces. There are 3 of them, 2 boys and a girl. The boys, Gizmo and Pippin, are grey tabbies and the girl, Lil Miss, is black and white. They acted like they were starved, gobbling up the canned food Mom fed them. Being so small, it was amazing they were eating food at all. They were sooo messy, getting food all over their faces and the towels Mom put down under their plates on the couch. And, being so small, they had an awful time cleaning themselves. They didn't quite know what to do since they didn't have a momma to teach them. It was a sight!! ... to say the least.

Now, I didn't want anything to do with these new little creatures that had invaded my new home. I was still getting used to the bigger cats and now to have these little rat-like critters honing in on my attention was a little much... meow.. meow. Whenever they would walk over by me, I would give them my best growl... grrrrr... and run off. They were determined little buggers, everytime I found a comfortable spot to take a nap they would come pouncing over and nuzzle up to me. This would just not do... meow... I was not their mother!!

Several days past and I realized these little furballs were not going anywhere. Mom would tell me to be nice and stop growling at them. I was feeling a little put out by it all. This, after all, was my new home, my new family. But I found that they were beginning to grow on me. They were so little, so helpless. I began keeping a watchful eye on them, making sure they didn't wander too far from their bed. The back of the couch became my perch and my watch tower. Careful not to let on that I had taken an interest in their antics, I watched from slitted eyes, pretending to be asleep. If they wandered too far, I followed, keeping my distance, yet, still mindful of any danger to them. It became clear that they would follow me, making it easy to lead them back to their bed nonchalantly, and keeping the facade of trying to get away from them...purrr... This only worked for so long and Mom caught on. My secret was out. The little fluff balls had melted my heart and I was getting attached. I became Mr Mom to these small orphan babies. Now, when they strayed too far, I chortled to them as any good mom would do and they came running, nuzzling and purring loudly as they snuggled down to sleep. Lessons were taught, grooming was learned, love was shared. I now had two new families... I am truly a blessed kitty... purrrr....


At 2:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So when will we be able to read the next story? "Another day in the Life of Kodi"? Did I spell that right. Anyway I thought the stories really good and funny. I didn't know you had so many furballs. I just have Smudge. Shes an outside kitty and mouser. Sometimes she leaves and doesn't come home for days. Once it was weeks and I was getting really worried and come home from work one day and there she was. New neighbors had moved in above me and I think they were holding her hostage. I think they fed her and stuff to try and get her to stay but I think she knows I love her and need her so she doesn't go far now. Keep up the good work.


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