Saturday, November 12, 2005

Cat Got You're Tongue?

Lately Mom has been getting a lot of packages in the mail for her business. Of course, I have to inspect them when she opens the boxes.. purrr.

Inside there are several cats in all styles and shapes. I give them a friendly meow... purr... but they don't say anything to me. Mom looks at me and tells me they can't talk to me. Meow.. meow.. purr... Can't talk to me?? Why not? I am just trying to make friends. Let them talk to me, Mom. She pets me and scratches my ears and tells me that they are stuffed kitties, not live.

Rubbing against her legs, I look up at her with my baby blue eyes and give her a mrrreow...purrrr.. still wanting to play with my new stuffed friends. They are kitties, afterall, and all kitties love to play.

Standing up against the box, I peer in again. They just lay there not moving. How boring!!! Come on ... get up and play, and run. The floor here is the best for sliding. I will show you how to do it. Don't be shy. It doesn't hurt. Sliding is great fun. With that said, I take off running across the floor, spinning out as I start running. Dashing here and there, back and forth to impress these stiff kitties Mom was holding in her hands now. Staring blankly, they didn't seem to notice me sliding gleefully across the cool grey surface.

Stopping beside Mom, reaching up with my paw, I stretch up as far as I can. Patting Mom's arm ... mrreeow... mrreoow.... please Mom, put the kitty on the floor to play. Mom scratches my ears again, saying "sorry Kodi, they can't play. They aren't alive." meow... meow.. they don't know what they are missing... I lay down at Mom's feet so she can rub my belly .. Puurrrrr.... I am glad I am not a stuffed kitty.... Purrrrrrr.....