Saturday, September 24, 2005

Eat, Sleep, and Swat Bugs...

...Such is the Life of a Cat!!

Everyday lends itself to a new adventure... several catnaps... some kibbles... and tummy rubs. The life of a cat is the best!!! I have brothers and sisters, both four footed and two, and a mom and dad who are great.... purrr. Spoiled?? who me?? umm .. well I guess you could say that. Besides having the essentials, a roof over my head, a warm house, soft bed and good food to fill my belly, I also have lots of love, scratches behind the ears, kisses on my head, yummy kitty treats, and warm laps for snoozing. OH and did I mention, lots of great tummy rubs!! For playtime, I get furry mice to bat around and fuzzy balls to pack off and make disappear to find at a later date... meow. Which is great fun and keeps Mom guessing.... purrrr. She always wonders where they come from or where I found them. Of course I never reveal my secrets... meow.. meow.

Mom laughs at all the funny positions I can sleep in. She is always telling Dad to look at me. I pretend I don't hear her. No sense interrupting a purrrfectly good catnap. It is my cue to snuggle down deeper, contented that my antics bring joy to my family. Yes, I live the good life... what more could a kitty ask for?!?!

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Laundry Slumber

One of my favorite places to sleep at home is in the laundry basket. Whenever I find it accessible, I jump in and curl-up for a nap. It doens't matter if there are clothes in it or not... meow.. purrr. Mom always makes me get out if it has clothes in it.... meow .. meow. It is sooo comfy and warm though, just right for a nice little catnap...purrrr.

When it is empty, if I'm not careful to lie directly on the bottom, it will tip over on it's side. That is a little startling when it happens. Then, when I realize it isn't going to fall very far, I just snuggle down and doze off to dreamland.

Missy Girl, tries to crowd in and snuggle too. I don't let her. Scat!! This is my little haven. She will try to jump over the top and sometimes topples it over and upsets my slumber, sending me flopping hiney over head. I give her a good swat and a little growl..grrrr.. til she finally runs off. After my victory, it doesn't take me long to fall back into restful dreams... purrrr.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Kodi in the tub...

We have a claw-foot bathtub that I love to play in. It is slanted slightly at one end and purrfect for batting the balls up so they come right back down for me to chase again. Round and round I go, gliding on the white porcelain, sliding back and forth on the smooth surface. Sometimes, I will play "walking the tightrope" along the edge, stalking my prey that is lingering there in the deep cavern. At just the right moment, I pounce on the unsuspecting toilet paper roll and flip on my side with it tightly in my grasp. Lying there, I kick it mercilessly with my hind feet, showing it who's boss of course...meow. Quickly, I toss it up in the air and catch it in my paws. Batting it to and fro, side to side across the bottom of the tub. I pounce again and again. Mom watches and just laughs, telling me I am a silly boy. She is the silly one ... doesn't she realize how much fun I am having? .. purrr.. She should try it ... definitely a great stress reliever. Now that would be a funny sight... purrrr....

Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Great Escape

Ut oh! ... meow.. meow. Mom is not happy with me at all right now. meow ... I managed to get out of the shop without her knowing and she could not find me. She was a little purrrturbed!! Well, that is, once she calmed down from thinking I was lost forever....

My whole experience of the outdoors is my walk from the house to the shop, which sits on the same property. I am strictly an inside kitty. Being a ragdoll, I am bred to be docile and loving. Knowing how to fight back to protect myself just isn't in my genes. So Mom keeps a pretty tight leash on me, no matter how bad I think I want to be outside chasing bugs. My routine in the morning is go outside, eat some grass beside the path to the shop and pounce on a few flies along the way...purrr. If I even look like I am going to stray off the path, Mom picks me up and carries me the rest of the way. Usually I mind my p's & q's and do what I am supposed to, cause, I like the taste of the sweet, green grass and it is fun to chase the bugs in the yard..purrr.

The other day though, I was in the shop when Dad came in and he was standing by the door like he was going to go back out. Well, that is my cue saying it is time to go home, or so I thought... mew. They were talking and not really paying attention to me, and when Dad opened the door, I went out. He must not have seen me cause he didn't call me to follow him home and he didn't pick me up to take me home. I was FREE!!! at last. Now to see what this outside looks like.

Along side the shop is a high fence that I can't see over. It is made of wood boards so I can't see through it and I just had to find out what was over on the other side. Slowly, I walked along the boards til I came to an opening big enough I could slink through. Hmmm ... I was in a small building. Looking around I knew it wasn't the shop, or home. The door was ajar, so I carefully crept through to open space once again. There was a house over yonder with a swing and a deck. Moving forward, I focused on reaching the deck. A little nervous and aware of every noise, I inched my way. The ground was covered with pebbles not the sweet grass we had at home. The closer I got to the deck, the pebbles turned to solid dirt. I didn't like this place. Looking around again, I thought, where was Mom, my home. I could see the fence still and I hurried over to it to find my way back to the other side. Why wasn't Mom here to pick me up and take me to the security of our house. I was really getting anxious now, I couldn't find the hole in the fence. Quite a bit of time had passed and still no one was around. A dog was barking nearby, can he get to me, I wondered.

What was that?? Did I hear Mom's voice?? Is she looking for me?? Meowww ... Meowww. I'm over here... I'm over here. I hear it again.. "Kodi.. where are you?" Meowwww.... Meowwww... Here .. Here. Then Mom comes around the corner of this strange house. I am not sure if she is mad... something in her voice. "Kodi... what are you doing over here? I have been sooo worried" (Aww.. Mom I just wanted to explore) Still not sure where I stood with her, I started to walk away. "Kodi, come here Kodi. It's ok." Meowwww, Meowwww. "Well come here, Kodi" her voice changes to coax me to her, as I wander under the deck. "No Kodi.. don't go under the deck... come here... it's ok... come on Kodibug" Still trying to coax me out, I hear another voice. Mom is talking to another lady, saying I went under the deck. "Come on, Kodi... It's alright" She's bending over now and trying to purrsaude me it was ok. Meowwww, Meowww. I slowly come out, meowing, cowering close to the ground. "Come here baby.. it's ok" Meow.. Meow... Mom picks me up in her arms, kisses my head and snuggles against me. Meowww.. meowww. "It's ok, we're going home" She says something to the lady, I didn't care what, and we start out for home. Meowwww.. Meowww. "It's ok Kodi.. we'll be home soon" Meowww... meowww, I cried all the way home and couldn't wait to get inside. Close to the porch I tried to wriggle free and Mom just held tighter. "You can't get down yet" she said to me... and she opened the door and put me on the floor, while I was still wriggling to get free. Meowww. meowww. As soon as I was on the floor, I high-tailed it to my favorite spot under Mom's bed. There I stayed for several hours. Finally feeling secure again, I ventured to the living room. Mom was there and I curled up beside her, not letting her out of my sight for the rest of the evening. It was good to be home, safe and loved...purrrr.

My adventure will last me for awhile. I enjoy the outdoors by watching the birds and squirrels through the window and chattering at them from the warmth and safety of my perch. My routine is still the same in the mornings, and I make sure I stay on the path to the shop, stopping along the way to indulge in some sweet, green grass and pounce on a couple flies. When we reach the shop, I am purrfectly content to go inside with Mom, curl up on her desk in front of the computer monitor and take my catnaps and enjoy my belly rubs... dreaming of the next adventure.....

Friday, September 02, 2005

Under the Weather

Finally, I am able to come back to work with Mom. For a couple of days I had been feeling a little puny, so Mom made me stay home. I welcomed the soft bed and curled up and slept for hours.... purrrr. Ya, I hear you out there... that is nothing new for a cat. But this time it was different. I hardly moved from that bed. Not even to play with the furry mice Mom brought home. Of course, Gizzy and Missy Girl stole the mice and they disappeared with them. The mice are still missing... mew.

Then, Mom went away for a few days to a Gift Show, to purrchase new merchandise for MeowPrints. So again I was stuck at home...meow.. meow. This gave me more time to catch up on my catnaps and get back into shape to make the trek once again to the shop. Now, here I am and looking forward to the adventures to come.

In the next few weeks the new merchandise will be arriving and I will have more hide and seek fun in the boxes. They are my forts, my caves. My vantage point for attacking unsuspecting passersby....meow.. meow. It is great fun to hear Mom squeal and see her jump as I pounce out of my hiding place and grab her ankles...purr.. meow....

Stay tuned, I will keep you updated on my next great feat.