Monday, October 31, 2005

Pumpkin Kitties

Here are some more Halloween pictures. These are the babies when they were small. This was about 2 weeks after they were dropped off on our porch.

Being just teeny tiny, they could easily fit inside of this pumpkin carved for Halloween.

Pippin is sitting on top of the pumpkin, Missy Girl is climbing out of it and Gizzy is sitting inside.

Mom, of course, couldn't pass up the photo op. I think she is camera crazy. She is always taking our pictures. Never a moments rest when she is around with the camera in her hand.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Pawsitvely Spooktacular!

Since Halloween is coming, I thought I would share this pic of Boo. He is wearing his orange sweater, that says Boo on it. The witch is on the bench that sits on our front porch. Boo likes to snuggle up to it and sleep on her lap. He is such a Halloween Kitty.

Sunday, October 23, 2005


This is Boo. He is my "brother"...purrr Mom took this picture of him lying on one of our chairs. If you look closely, you can see he has his tail curved around the spindle of the chair like it is hanging on. His eyes look spooky to me in this picture cause of the flash... he's getting ready for Spook Night I guess.

Boo is the purrfect Halloween kitty, right down to the crook in the tip of his tail. Pure black, yellow eyes and when he stretches, he arches his back like typical "black cats". Mom makes him stay in around Halloween so that he is not taken and hurt(or worse) by bad people.

Outside is where he spends a lot of his time, defending the yard from unwanted neighbors, so he is not happy when he has to stay in... Even though Mom explains to him that it is for his own good. He just looks at her and meows, telling her of course that he wants to go out and that nothing will happen to him...meooowwww... She just keeps telling him "No, you are not going out". He sulks off and finds his favorite spot on her bed, curls up to wile away the day...

Inside, Boo is very playful, if he isn't sulking, that is. He likes to play with me and he will play with the babies too. Sometimes, though, he gets too rough. We like to play for fun and it seems, after awhile of playing, Boo likes to go in for the "kill"... meow... too rough for me so I hightail it outta there and leave him to chill. Gizmo will run off too but doesn't learn his lesson and keeps going back for more. mmrrreooowwww...He whines cause Boo is hurting him but holds his ground. He thinks he is a tough guy. Kids!! do they ever learn?!?!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

So Cute!!

Have I mentioned lately that I am just sooo darn cute!! Mom just thinks I am adorable and let's face it, I am!! meow... purrrrr

In these pictures I am sitting in the basket that Mom uses to transport things back and forth from the shop to home. She puts things in there that need to go home and then takes it home with us at night. Next morning she brings it back and anything that needed to come from home to the shop. She is a genius. If I sit in here she will never forget to take me home, not to mention the fact it is cozy.... purrrrrr
I have another basket here with a blanket in it in that is my bed. As you know, I prefer to sleep in front of the monitor -- easy access for tummy rubs.

This new basket has been so inviting that lately I have been sleeping there when Mom tells me she needs to get some work done and wants me to lay in my bed. My bed is on the floor and the new basket is on the counter, where I can see above everything, so as not to miss a thing. meow meow It has a birds eye view of outside too, so I can watch the birds and the squirrels. Of course, I would rather be outside chasing the squirrels but Mom doesn't like it when I run after them. Watching them will have to suffice, for now, and I will dream of their bushy little tushes when I snuggle down to dreamland in my newfound bed.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Peace and Quiet Gone

My human sister is back home. She has been gone 4 months working in Alaska. She loves kitties too. She is always mauling me... meow. There is no peace now. If I am lying in her vacinity, she comes over and picks me up and smothers me with hugs and kisses. Now, being a cat, this outpour of affection will just not do. My fur is always ruffled from her tussling it... meow. Even my cry will not deter her, she just hugs tighter... merrrrrr..meowww.

Missy Girl runs when she sees "sister" coming. She has gotten to be such a tease, she will wait til "sister" is right next to her and bends down to pick her up, then runs off like a streak.... meow meow meow. It is sooo funny to watch. "Sister" gets so upset with Missy.

Gizzy, of course, loves the attention. When anyone walks in the room, he stands on his back haunches and lifts his paws high in the air, stretching, as if asking to be picked up. Everyone thinks this is adorable and can't resist holding him. He only tolerates being held for a few minutes though, then wants down.

Tiko and Boo are suck ups. They love "sister" and will rub against her legs and lay with her every chance they get. Tiko is her kitty so I guess that is why he tolerates her so much. He even gives her hugs, wrapping his paws around her neck, when she picks him up.

I on the other hand am true to my cat image and walk around ignoring her to the best of my ability and give her my best cry when she holds me, letting her know she will not win me over.... meerrroowwwww.....