Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cat's Out of the Bag ...

after stowing away in luggage.

This article was in my local paper the other day. When mom reads the paper, I like to lay on the pages and read it too. meow .. meow Check out the article for an intense adventure. I don't think I will be climbing in mom's suitcase anymore. purrr...

Cat's Out of the Bag...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rainbow Bridge

While I was on hiatus, both Boo and Kayla crossed over the Rainbow Bridge. Mom misses them a lot.

Boo liked to play and I could get him interested in a game of rough and tumbly. He played a little too rough sometimes and mom would get on him about hurting me. She said he liked to "go in for the kill" after a while of playing nice. It was just his way of playing. He didn't realize he was being so rough. I would wriggle away from him and run off til he calmed down. I miss him lots too. purrrrr

Kayla was great fun to chase around the house. She was such a girl. Mom kept telling her not to run away, to turn and slap me and the other kitties, just once, and we would leave her alone. But she didn't listen. She just ran away from us, so of course we had to chase her. lol She was a good kitty though. She loved dad a lot and loved to be in his lap. I miss her too. mew...mew

They are now running and playing together. Rest in peace my friends.. til we meet again. purrrrr

Friday, January 25, 2008

Hiatus Over

Wow... a lot has happened since the last time I posted. meow.. meow There is now a little person running around the house. meow And when I say running, I mean running. He has one speed .. run. meow.. meow. He likes to chase me around the house, but I am faster. >^._.^<

When I'm on the TV stand, he comes over and tries to grab me ... I bat at his head to let him know I am not amused and he laughs and laughs. He must think it is quite the game. I eventually become bored with this and move to the back of the couch to grab a catnap in peace. He cannot reach me here... yet. purrrrrr